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2015 Foundation Update

The anticipation when the Clay Wrege Foundation was established was that it would sustain itself for approximately ten years. All indications are that it will extend well beyond that point.

Candidly, donations to the Foundation have been modest during the past couple of years. That is to be expected. There have been no fund raisers. Also, with each passing year, there are fewer friends of Clay's who are reminded of him and would be compelled to donate. The strength of a handful of donors, along with the strength of the stock market and the assurance of our God to honor those who tithe has sustained the Foundation funds at $25,000. This balance has remained rather static even after the giving of ten percent of the funds each year to charities and the scholarship. Praise to God and to those who still choose to contribute.

It is noteworthy that during this year, Curtis Becht performed at "Stage On Spring" the lead role in the play, "The Elephant Man". Patricia, Reed and Robbie Wrege attended one of the shows and were extremely moved by his excellent performance. Curtis Bect is a former recipient of a scholarship from the Foundation. It is gratifying that the scholarship helped enable a young man to pursue his dream and a career.

2015 grants are as follows:
Theater Scholarship: $1,500

Society of St. Vincent of DePaul: $100
Uspititus Inc. (Brook Lawn & Bellewood Home): $200
Dare To Care: $100
Edge Outreach: $200
Power Ministries: $100
Samaritan’s Purse: $100
The V Foundation: $100
World Vision: $100

You are encouraged to learn more about each of these organizations. The good works they provide and the lives that they save are remarkable.

The Foundation continues. The memories remain. Our wish is that Clay's life serves additional purpose beyond the pleasure he brought us. May our love for Clay continue to benefit others.

If you would like to contribute to Clay’s Foundation, checks should be made out to:

The Clay Wrege Charitable Foundation

The check should include the Foundation’s account number which is: 103299

The mailing address is: P.O. Box 770001 Cincinnati, OH 45277-0053



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