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2013 Foundation Update

The Foundation continues to distribute financial gifts as a means of remembering and honoring Clay.

This year, another theater enthusiast from Floyd Central High School was chosen to receive a scholarship grant of $1,500. He was judged to be the ideal recipient according to the scholarship criteria of "exhibiting the greatest zest for life, coupled with the God-given ability to charm his or her way out of manufactured mischief." $1,500 was awarded to assist him with college tuition.

The end of 2012 has a fund balance of $25,056. This allowed for generous contributions. In accordance with the spirit of the Foundation, approximately ten percent of the funds were distributed.

The following groups received grants in 2013:

Theater Scholarship: $1,500
Dare To Care: $100
Edge Outreach: $400
Power Ministries: $200
Samaritan’s Purse: $100
The V Foundation: $100
World Vision: $100



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