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2012 Foundation Update

2012 was another memorable year as friends and family of Clay Wrege celebrated his life and their good fortunes to have had him touch their lives.

A thirtieth birthday party in honor of Clay was organized by Veronica Leigh Shipman. Many thanks are due to her for all of her efforts and her continued outpouring of love.

The party was held at Petrus nightclub at the kind invitation of Clay’s friend and former employer, Leann Himmelburg. Friends of Clay volunteered to decorate, bartend, “work the front door”, clean up and generally, help in whatever fashion, to make the party happen. The party had a pirate theme which always held a fascination for Clay. A number of musicians contributed their talents to assure that everyone attending had a great time. This included, the Acoustipimps, Burning Babylon, Suburban Situation, Louisville Brass & Electric and Curtis dj Dv8. The party also was designed as a modest fundraiser for the Clay Wrege Foundation. More than $500 was raised to further the charitable efforts of the Foundation.

The Foundation continues to distribute financial gifts as a means of remembering and honoring Clay. This year, not one, but two scholarships were awarded to seniors graduating from Floyd Central High School who participated in the theater program. Both of the recipients, Art Ordonez and Zach Hebert were judged to be ideal recipients according to the scholarship criteria of “exhibiting the greatest zest for life, coupled with the God-given ability to charm their way out of manufactured mischief.” The young men received $1,000 each to assist them with college tuition.

There were two other charitable donations awarded by the Foundation during the year. Power Ministries received $200 and World Vision Ministries also received $200.

The Foundation had slightly more than $22,000 at the end of 2011. The disbursements during 2012 of $2,200 were in keeping with the design of the Foundation to give ten percent of the value of the fund annually to scholarships or charitable causes in memory of Clay.

The end of 2012 has a fund balance of $25,056 due to generous giving by individuals and the fundraising efforts of the birthday party. Special recognition is extended to Boone Schwartzel for his kindness and 2012 contributions totaling $700. The fund balance will allow for the awarding of another scholarship and additional charitable giving in 2013.

A special thank you and God’s blessings to all of have contributed. The memory of Clay and the opportunity for good works continues due to your caring and generosity.

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